Exterior Color

Enhance Any Color Scheme

Choose from a variety of CrystalCoat™ exterior color coatings to create beautiful two-tone windows and doors for any home. Color coatings are applied to the exterior, while the interior remains white, including grids, screens, and other applicable parts.

For commercial projects, we offer decorative finishes, high-performance multilayered films that are resistant to weather, chemicals, and UV. Choose from a range of solid colors to find the perfect color combination to match the architecture and style of any building.


Please note that the colors shown are not an exact representation. Variations may occur.


Exterior color coatings for light-commercial and residential projects. Custom colors available.

  •  #703
  •  #704
  •  #707
  •  #708
  •  #701
  •  #702
  •  #705
  •  #706

Decorative Finishes

High-performance multilayered films for commercial projects. Other colors available.


A decorative finish for residential projects.

  •  Black