Valencia Windows

High Quality & Outstanding Performance

Valencia windows are designed to deliver outstanding energy and structural performance. They make an excellent choice for both light-commercial and residential projects.

With a range of energy-efficient types and styles, including double hung-tilt and double slider windows, you can easily find the right fit for your needs. Enjoy a superior experience with Valencia windows.


Features & Benefits

  • Premium Vinyl Durable uPVC with unique formulation and high-definition finish.
  • Efficient Design Multichambered frame and interlocking reinforced sash with weather strips provide strength and efficiency.
  • Energy Efficient Glass Insulated glass units (double pane) with a high-performance stainless steel spacer system.
  • User-Friendly Sash Operable with handy pull rails, easy sliding rollers, and easy-lift balance system. Concealed stop latches included with double hung window.
  • Effortless Locking The modern auto lock latch will retract and engage automatically when closing window.
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  • CrystalViewâ„¢ Screens Easy to remove from the inside with a sturdy pull rail. Includes an improved-visibility screen mesh that repels water and resists dirt and grime.
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Types & Styles

Custom made to your specifications for replacement or new construction projects. Featuring 3-1/4-inch frames.

Outside View

2-lite, horizontal double slider with two operable sashes.

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2-lite, horizontal single slider with one operable sash.

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3-lite, horizontal triple slider with two operable sashes.

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    XOX  (4-2-4)

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    XOX3  (3-3-3)

Double hung windows with two operable sashes that tilt inward.

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    DHT  (1/2)

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    DHT3  (1/3)

Single hung windows with one operable sash on the bottom that tilts inward.

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    SHT  (1/2)

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    SHT3  (1/3)

Sash Set

Picture windows and a variety of geometrics are available, including pentoids, octagons, and triangles.

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